Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday
11:00 - 7:00

10:00 - 6:00

Sunday - Monday


Annual - $35
Couple - $50

  • Firing at the range.Before renovation.
  • Firing at the range.After renovation with new lighting, and target carriers.

Our Range

Indoor Shooting Range

The shooting range of Shooters Paradise located in Yuba City, has eight 25-yard lanes for your shooting needs. This paradise carries a wide variety of targets, from 3D targets, standard police qualification targets and even targets with zombies for your fictional recreational shooters. Our indoor shooting range is perfect for law enforcement, military and every day citizens to practice their marksmanship.

General Information

Our range fees are some of the most competitive in the area. Our range is rented out by the hour, a 10-hour range card, a 3 hour range pass with 6 guns, or a 1 year pass for members only.

Drop by Shooters Paradise, to hear about it!

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is required on our range, for your safety. We do have in stock a very large selection of safety equipment, if you are looking to purchase your own. If you do not, we do carry rentals on site cleaned and maintained by our wonderful staff.

Call for pricing.

Handgun rentals

Ruger, Glock, Sig, XD's, Beretta,
Kimber and Springfield 1911 style
Most .22 rifles

Call for pricing.

Rules of the range

  1. Eye and ear protection must be worn at ALL TIMES while on the range.
  2. Place your weapon on the stall bench when not shooting.
  3. Keep muzzle pointed down range at all times.
  4. Have only one weapon on stall bench at a time. Keep all others unloaded and in your range bag until you are ready to fire the weapon.
  5. Ammunition is to be kept on the shelf behind the shooting stall when shooting semi automatic weapons, load your magazine there and step into the stall before inserting the magazine.
  6. Revolvers shall be loaded only in the stall with weapon pointed down range.
  7. Stay in your assigned stall. Do not switch unless you first notify, or are told by range master to move.
  8. Staple targets directly to the cardboard backers. Do not try to remove cardboard or try to adjust it within the frame. If there is a problem notify the staff.
  9. Targets are moved in and out by a pulley system. Please slow them down when nearing the far end of the range or nearing the stall. Slamming the target trolley into the stops may cause the lane to malfunction and result in ending your session.
  10. DO NOT GO OFF OF THE CARPETED AREA OR DOWN RANGE FOR ANY REASON! If you have brass or parts that need to be retrieved contact staff for assistance.
  11. No tobacco products of any type may be used while on the range.
  12. No food or drinks allowed on the range at anytime.

Women's Gun League

Meeting on the 4th Monday of every month.

We accept

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover